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The London Dungeon

Tickets te koop The London DungeonThe London Dungeon is a uniquely thrilling attraction that’ll take you back to the past’s most horrible bits. See, hear, smell and feel London’s darkest stories as they come to life before your eyes.

As you are taken back in time, you will come face-to-face with frighteningly funny characters, from Torturers and Judges to local legends. As you listen to their stories, you’ll feel yourself drawn into another world, where the boundaries between reality and the past blur.

Be warned as you make your way through the London Dungeon, surprises are lurking in the darkness and will keep your senses on high alert as you anticipate what’s waiting around the next corner…

The attraction lasts 110 minutes, features 2 thrilling rides and 19 live shows, including our sizzling new show ‘Escape the Great Fire of London’. Plus after your tour, join us in the Dungeon Tavern, a Victorian pub experience, which includes a free drink!



The London Dungeon Tavern is now open and welcoming guests to enjoy a drink with a front row seat at the heart of this unique, storytelling experience.

Guests will be transported back to a vibrant, decadent and dodgy Victorian pub of 1896.

As you are aware, included in the cost of entry, guests will receive one drink at The London Dungeon Tavern.

The choice of an Alcoholic (Draft Ale or Elderflower & Gin Cocktail) or Non-Alcoholic (Cola Slush or Cloudy Apple Juice) beverage is available.

What is ‘The Tavern’?

A major permanent expansion, The London Dungeon Tavern will transport guests to a vibrant, decadent and decidedly dodgy Victorian pub.

In the authentically recreated tavern, guests will hear, feel, smell, see and truly LIVE the drama in a 360 degree fully themed set – and no two tables will get quite the same experience.

The show will feature two key characters and guests will receive one drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) upon arrival into The Tavern which is included in the price of their ticket.


Where is ‘The Tavern’?

The Tavern is located at the end of the experience after Drop Dead: Drop Ride to Doom.-

As this is at the end of the tour, guests can decide to stay as long as they like and are able to purchase more drinks if they decide to do so.


The London Dungeon brings 1000 years of history to life in 19 live shows, including 2 thrilling rides, all in 90 minutes. Guests will be guided through plague-ridden streets, witness Guy Fawkes’ dramatic plot to blow up Parliament, travel back to Jack the Ripper’s bleak Whitechapel and hear the latest gossip and share a drink with the locals in The Tavern, the all NEW Victorian pub experience.

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