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Londen Sea Life


London-Sea-LifeDive in and be wowed by the many strange, beautiful and fascinating creatures of the deep as you journey through the amazing underwater world of the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. Prepare for astonishingly close views of everything from Gentoo Penguins to tropical sharks. One of the most popular and dramatic displays at SEA LIFE London Aquarium is the revamped shark reef. Encounter sinister Sand Tiger sharks, Bow Mouths, Black Tips and Grey Reefs (and a shoal of less menacing fish to keep them company!). It’s as close as you can be to these fascinating and eerie creatures of the deep without getting wet!
Not only will all guests have a fun and interactive experience, SEA LIFE London Aquarium provides the UK with a leading centre of excellence on marine management, conservation, preservation and education in the heart of the capital.
In addition to fostering conservation through enhanced awareness, SEA LIFE regularly makes a more direct contribution towards conservation and marine animal welfare.


Join us at Penguin Point, the new Antarctic-themed experience, which gives you fascinating insight into the habitat and behaviour of penguins and explains how we can all play our part in conserving their environment whilst providing the opportunity for close range viewing of a delightful colony of resident Gentoo penguins.

Behind the Scenes Tour

There’s a lot going on beneath the surface at SEA LIFE London Aquarium and now you can team up with our expert aquarist guides to go deep behind the scenes and discover how we care for over 600 marine and fresh-water species. You’ll have privileged access to the working areas usually closed to the public where you can learn about our extensive breeding, research and conservation programmes and see how the fish food is prepared and even help out at feeding time!

So, if you want an even deeper experience, immerse yourself in our Behind the Scenes tour.

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